The Problem

  • Inconsistent theme
  • No defined color scheme
  • No brand imagery
  • Multiple graphic designers

The Solution

  • Created color scheme using logo pantones
  • Designed “green vine” as brand image
  • Consistent fonts
  • One designer creates all media

Case Study

When I began working with RenVision, their marketing pieces were all over the place. As a business that relied heavily on television and newspaper advertising, this was a serious problem. And without an in-house designer, creating a consistent theme was an impossible task for the team.

The good thing is RenVision president Brian Bauer recognized the issue. He also had a vision. He wanted to use shades of green and blue and create a similar theme across all media.

I began by creating some gradients using colors from his new logo. Once the color scheme was locked in, I needed to come up with an artistic image that would be instantly recognizable to customers as the RenVision brand. The “green vine” was the perfect solution. It screamed energy efficiency and worked seamlessly across all media. Brian loved it and the vine and is now a part of their storefront, vans, and all advertising.

To keep the branding consistent, they use The Platform for all design projects and it’s proven a wise decision. Click here to see Brian’s testimonial.